a New coming together

New – it is a New ART to live and to understand Life. IAm – the individualised creator-aspect is realized by each one and self-empowered as Captain, I consciously define the course of my own Lifeship. Not a Safeboat. Compassion, respect of each of us, with passion to unfold into a conscious Co-Creator; sovereign and unique entity, like every one else.

beyond separation

Loosen the tension between the human and the spirit, overcoming the polar forces within and a reconciliation with Self. It is the Loveaffaire between Soul and its human creation beyond linear thinking.

„Compassion is total acceptance and allowing of what is;
including unconditional love for Self, and absolute honor for the path
and choices of other” (Tobias)

in genuine heart-connection

To open space is an opening into Love – what we truly are. Integrating the limiting divisive of the human into the present true Self and the greatness of one’s compassionate heart. Opening space is, simultaneously, a revealing of our true nature, accepting and allowing one’s very own creative expression. In spiritual equality a genuine connection from HumanHeart to HumanHeart opens naturally. It is our innermost essence. In a New coming together, that we are Companions.

Free Sovereign Human-BEing

KoMbo is as an own entity, a vibration, a „feeling of resonance“ on this journey towards Self-Realization, into a Free Sovereign BEing. KoMbo is a creation besides others, playing in New Consciousness. We inspire one another in our awakening and remembering, allowing our potentials to manifest. Each one chooses on their own how to invest the energies – as a sovereign captain, the steering wheel of their own Lifeship firmly grasped in their hands. KoMbo isn’t an organisation, no Club or Brotherhood – no membership, no „allying against/for“, but consciously „connecting into“ creating together, step by step, towards a New liberation of Human-BEing.

KoMbo - Himmel & Erde