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Each being is touched by others. I thank each of you who has shared your time with me. We are all companions in this grand Act. We humans exist beyond polarity: it is not just that we can love – we are Love. To live more authentically and creatively and to be able to communicate from my true power fills me with gratitude and joy. I feel more secure in what I experience and can give to the world. Everything that life holds for me is serving me and I welcome it – in connection with the earth-cosmos- planetary family-ancestors of my biological family line and all co-creators. Like all others, I am unfolding into the awakening and remembering.

An appreciation of my teachers, mentors, sources of wisdom and inspiration can be found in quotes and texts in the “Pearls”. Since 2017-10-28 I am registered as a „Humanenergetikerin“. I do not belong to any group and I do not use any specific work, teaching or modality as a basis. My treasure and foundation is my own embodiment. THE Truth or THE Answer, THE Way does not exist in my experience. From this insight, I do not bond with any spiritual, esoteric, group or movement. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates with you to find your own truth and wisdom.

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Help to achieve a physical or energetic balance using the method of Dr. med. Bach, by means of biofeedback or bioresonance, by selection of colors, fragrances, light sources, flavors, gemstones, music, using kinesiological methods, by interpretation of the aura, by magnetic field application, by gentle touch of the body or targeted laying of hands on certain body parts, By means of Cranio Sacral Balancing, by consideration of bioenergetic, geobiological, electrobiological, building biological and geomantic aspects, by consideration of the effects of energetic geometry and light physics, by Feng Shui, Zen, Vastu or other habitat relevant aspects of different epochs and cultures, by numerology, by means of water search as well as radiesthetic examinations with rod, pendulum etc, by means of perception of space-energetic phenomena with and without device support, by consideration of planetary constellations and lunar energies.

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