A grace note is a tiny thing, a simple thing, a humble thing.

Yet, properly used it can dramatically alter the dynamic of a piece of music. In fact, a expertly placed grace note can turn an entire symphony on its head, affecting tempo, melody, mood, and the fundamental direction of what follows. As musicians playing for difficult situations, we could ask for no greater privilege, no higher calling, than to become like one of these tiny grace notes. Because it is in their smallness, in their simplicity, in their humility, that they can open our hearts to the most transcendental realization of all – that we are not the ones playing music, rather, we are the music being played by the One. May we all be grace notes for one another.  – Grace Note Foundation

„Life and Love are not out there, somewhere.
Life and Love are already present within you – right here and right now.“

Judith Kusel

„Love is the Light of the Soul“


If man is free from aggression, greed for profit, fear and many others … she radiates a light of love. This light is not visible, but it is much stronger than sunlight. It is her special, vitalizing energy. The Creator has arranged it so that only man is endowed with this great gift. Man alone can warm up everything alive with this light. That is why all other living beings are attracted to him. – Anastasia


can be defined as the belief in – or achievement of – transcendence of the old human biology and mind, whether by means of technology or the application of consciousness. KoMbo ART: We choose transformation, we allow the changes within us and open ourselves into the multi-dimensional nature as human being as a sovereign being. We choose New Potentials and take conscious steps in a new coming together. We recognize and take this chance. Now. Here.

The apocalypse is really a biological phenomena – a judgment day within our genes as a new species of human prepares to be born. – Richard Rudd

The so-called missing link is not just a genetic reference but a spiritual one. What has been missing is an understanding of who we are and our place in a vast galactic community. And you will find, that nothing is really missing anyway: you will always find, it is already within you.  – Lisa T.Brown

Everything is a vibrational reflection of what you hold inside. Return all to love, dissolve all into love, bring the purity of love out from within you…. and all will align for you, easily and simply as you. – Lyssa Royal


An aspect has been awakened or come up for integration and healing: I’m allowing the soul of me, the compassion of me, this grand love affair within me to come up to embrace, really, truly feeling the embracing of this compassion that says, „you are so wonderful. I waited so long for you to come. I’ve been looking for you. I’m so thrilled you came“ – Norma Delaney (Aspectology)

So we are going beyond the mind to this pure space where we can sense. We can truly sense mind creates emotion, but soul offers us sensing and feeling, where this compassionate love waits for us.  – Norma Delaney

It is the most important thing we can learn in life:

to find one’s own nature and to remain faithful to it. Only for this purpose are we made; and no other task is more important than to find out what wealth lies within us. Only then will our heart become whole, only then will our soul become wide, only then will our thinking become strong. To find oneself, to stand by his truth, can therefore only meet a counterpart who lets him live and accepts him unconditionally out of pure kindness. – Eugen Drewermann

Individuation is becoming the individual being, and insofar, as we understand individuality to be our innermost, ultimate incomparable uniqueness, becoming our own self. One could therefore translate "individuation" as "self-expression" or as self-realization. – C.G.Jung (lat. „individuare“: to become indivisible, inseparable)

You are never alone and because of the nature of Who You Are You can not be alone. Because you are not an individual, but an individuation of the All-that- is. You are part of All of Us Life, and all of us who live have invested in the experience of this YOU. –  N.D.Walsch

Inspiration: The process of inspiration is a gradual releasing of your inner breath through the fabric of your reality and out into the world. By its very nature the Gift of Inspiration is spiritual because it serves to loosen the hold of your mental constructs, opening and expanding your capacity for love. – (genekeys)

Spirituality: The Latin word for “breath” is spirit. The word spirituality comes from the melting of “spiritus” with the concept of enthusiasm, from the Greek “enthousiasmos” which means “the God within”. The result was a word that spiritually expressed the dynamic process of divine inspiration, “the breath of God within”. – “New Breath” by N.Delaney

Synchronicity: The universal principle of good fortune that is activated whenever you think, act and speak from a higher frequency – that is from a place of unconditional giving. Synchronicity is a universal law at all levels of frequency. When you understand the perfection of the cosmos in every moment, then you can only surrender and trust life. Synchronicity is summed up by the phrase: “nothing is by chance”. – (genekeys)

Generosity begins with the ability to let things in. When you let things in, you are vulnerable in an empowered way and you connect with the totality of the universe. The universe fills you and you allow it joyfully. As the universe fills you, you eventually become so full that it overflows and you naturally give back. Giving, therefore, is not an act of duty but a natural act of love that becomes second nature. This is the true expression of generosity. A person who is truly generous is someone who feels filled with blessings because they have let those blessings in rather than built a wall of protection around them. – Lyssa Royal

Evolution – Involution: Evolution evokes the search for something higher. Involution invokes inspiration as something higher that is already within us, waiting to be discovered.

Energy requires consciousness that evokes it. She is attracted to the passion of the soul. New energy is LIGHT – the dark and the light unified – brought into life through the passion of your own soul. It is an outstanding achievement to bring this energy into this dimension: how it comes from the other dimensions in its pure light form and now absorbs the positive and the negative particles and enters this very dense dimension and transforms: into water and earth and air and flows into our lives, into our bodies, into our realities …

You’ve built a sophisticated system of control that would keep you here, keeping you present on Earth … You do not need that control to keep your energy fully present here on Earth and at other places. – Tobias (Crimson Circle)

“If the journey of life is endless, where is its destination? The answer is, it’s everywhere. We are in a place that has no end but that we have reached. By exploring it and expanding our relationship with it, we make it more and more our own …” – Rabindranath Tagore

Realities do not change for you, realities change in response to you.

The LBP LightBodyProcess is an incessant transformation of all the seven body chakras through raising their frequencies and modulating their original limited function in order to prepare the human bodies for the massive expansion in awareness that will occur at the moment of the final transfiguration. – Georgi Stankov

Embodiment: Is the process from the point of activating a consciousness to fully embodying/holding that state of consciousness long enough for one’s DNA/molecular structure and genetics to completely re-write itself for the BODY (all bodies and systems) to merge and BEcome that Consciousness in form. – Lisa T.Brown

The opposite of Freedom is Power and the quest for power is at the forefront of nearly every situation on the planet. In fact the human-created God currently being worshipped „is the biggest power game of all“. And even though the entire world plays with power, it is an either/or situation – nothing inbetween: you either play the power game or you completely let it go. It is time to look within and see how far YOU are willing to go in YOUR desire for freedom. –  Adamus (Crimson Circle)

The essence of information … is not its content but its resonance. That’s why feeling or grasping things is so important. To capture the resonance of the incoming information, a resonance field is generated. – J Arguelles

Most people treat the present moment as if it were an obstacle that they need to overcome. Since the present moment is life itself, it is an insane way to live. – Eckhart Tolle

Said one oyster to a neighbouring oyster, “I have a very great pain within me. It is heavy and round and I am in distress.” And the other oyster replied with haughty complacence, “Praise be to the heavens and to the sea, I have no pain within me. I am well and whole both within and without.” At that moment a crab was passing by and heard the two oysters, and he said to the one who was well and whole both within and without, “Yes you are well and whole; but the pain that your neighbour bears is a pearl of exceeding beauty.”

„The Pearl“ Khalil Gibran

KoMbo - Perlen

… growing can happen more easily if we become unrestricted in loving and non-judgmental in everything we think-do-say …