„The KoMbo family is a blessing.“

Olawole Ezekiel Oyewole, Akure, Nigeria

Dear Silvia
Thanks for the great days I spent in your house, which I now see as a KoMbo-Haven.
I could be alone with myself and get away from everyday life.
Thank you for your support during these days. I can truly say that I went through a process with all the issues that cropped up. With you at my side, I ventured out. I felt so well, safe and secure with you in your house.
I feel a true togetherness there.
LG Irene Zeindlhofer, Schildorn, Austria

I see now what you were trying to say that my spirit has contacted yours and drawn on it to borrow its strength to enlighten my own, so that when I return your strength I will be a better person for I will have the confidence to open my eyes and see beyond the first and second skins and not judge what I find, but look beyond deeper because I was given the strength to see it for a few seconds. so now my spirit knows its there inside. it has the strength to look for it and become positive through its own strength. So well done Sylvia ..its all down to you. you have my admiration but I guess it’s up to me now to hold onto that knowledge and make it grow. – Cherry Thompson, England

I will remember my first meeting with Silvia forever. I felt trapped in a world full of untruths, judgments, and dependencies. Believing that there was no place for me and my truths on this earth, I had chosen the path of self-condemnation and punishment. In open exchange, I expected from my new acquaintance the usual dismay and condemnation, but I looked in Silvia’s compassionate, appreciative eyes. This experience brought back hope. Infinitely generous, loving and wise, she unconditionally shared her light with me and helped me to recognize more truths. Our heartfelt connection gave me strength and confidence in myself and life, so that I could muster the courage to take responsibility for my life and free myself from countless fears and dependencies. Together with the “KoMbo” I have now reached a place where I am filled with gratitude and love for myself and life. Equally much gratitude and love fills me for Silvia and the KoMbo, and I wish all visitors to this site the courage to open their hearts for the new coming together! – Angela Chiahi, Dornbirn, Austria