KoMbois a creation,

which is flowing through me into this reality and is aligned into New consciousness. I invite you to be in charge, to invest into SELF, and into creations for a New coming together. To find appreciation for Life again, being SELF in joy and being able to trust the beauty of the human experience and remember: HumanHeart with HumanHeart from Soul to Soul.

Soul that IAm

is compassionate Love, beyond all that the human mind can understand. YES – I am ready to open up myself and allow to be loved so deeply into the loveaffair with my soul. In this incarnation I brought the pain with me, because my soul knew, that in this time we’ll get the support of the earth: a perfect vibration, which will bring forth our healing.

It’s my „Life of integration“ and at the same time the Birth of a New Earth, a New Humanity, and the docking to the galactic abundance of our beings.

Soul prepares the Human growth.

When the filter of the haze is released the pearls are revealed and an encompassing of consciousness about the own incarnation is put into place. These are words. The journey, the embodiment, layer by layer, has been for me mostly a solo effort with many obstacles, even in my role as a mother with three sons. A long phase of perception „one foot in the old and another in the new“ – was rather unstable and uncertain – a balancing act for my human aspect.

KoMbo - Über mich

Trusting the Soulwisdom.

Trust is a powerful inner process that requires great courage. My Life of integration, as I call it, moved within me the question of „who am I“ in the early years. „Communication of Cultural Identity“ was the title of my thesis and thus I decided to end with theorising of cultural identity and instead living it. It felt as if my LifeShip turned around 360 degrees – and indeed: I became a mother and with it the energies from the ancestor line flew into my vessel for transformation. Releasing old energies and receiving New – breath by breath. Through my inner processes I began to love and trust myself again as my integrity was enforced I accepted „my being different“ and I learned to differenciate.

Nowadays, I observe the human reality from the perception of energies and vibrations, different levels of consciousness, and the age of the soul. Energies naturally seek release. For this a compassionate heart of which is a safe space is required. First, we have to accept and then we can be set free. „Sorting energies“ became an essential tool for myself, because lightness comes forth only with the clarity. Through all of the processes and recognitions an awareness for a „new coming together“ emerged within me.

Soul becomes visible. Authentic Beingness is ART.

Feeling the own truth in one‘s heart, to trust it and live by it, embody it. In this sense I see myself as a „midwife“ for a New Art of living. Being aware that each human already has everything within, we gift each other with responsibility and free ourselves from binded situations and relationships. A rejoice with Self and the Human journey takes place.

Soul desires Expression and Experience of Being Sovereign.

The creation of KoMbo emerges as my personal response to my discomfort with the term „cultural identity“. Each Human is unique. And it is liberating to acknowledge and to allow this uniquness. When we give Space for the authentic expression of our own Soul to BE, the human can bring forth and unfold their own gift and live their passion and let it flow into the world.

Exactly here embarks a feeling of being free. And in this feeling of freedom, we humans start to perceive an energy that unites into this universal consciousness, in which each one is a sovereign part – an individualised aspect of creation is consciously realized. Spiritual equality is the all-important Tone in a New coming together.

“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness. They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.” – Dean Jackson