ahoy Human!a new way of life

„The inner root and home of human is the consciousness, individually and collectively,
with its timeless as well as its temporal and evolving dimensions.“ M.Habecker

I experience myself as a pioneer and companion in the long-running change of consciousness, genetically mutating and giving birth from within to a New natural ART of BEing Human. Human beyond the separation between form and formlessness, matter and spirit permeating.

In this era, the rise of matter to spirit and the descent of spirit into matter, the embodiment of these perceived changes, there are two possibilities: either you behave as if you were a victim of circumstances, or you take full responsibility for your situation and creation. The former creates even more dependencies on authority outside, the second liberates from the need to identify with the role of the victim and leads into Self-empowerment and BEcoming an authentic, confident person. The collective consciousness is convinced that human beings are victims of material reality – this in turn creates a low-frequency patterns and keeps trapped in a self-woven web of drama, fear, guilt, retribution, etc., and in an unconscious attitude to Life.

It requests the higher consciousness

of each person to see, understand, and support this process, which is now accelerating for ALL. To increase this frequency, to liberate you from the so-called shadow world, there is no technique. It’s about understanding that you have become the victim of your own unconscious beliefs: “To get out of prison, you first have to understand that you are in prison.” (Gurdjieff).

When this understanding dawns, when you understand how much you have become the victim of your own basic beliefs and your perspective on life per se is shaped out of it, a transcending of the shadow begins. True freedom arises in this shadow work, in ever-increasing compassion and generosity first and foremost for Your Self and for the human journey from the beginning. Genetic mutation ends the addiction to the drama of human life, the energy feeding associated with it and lets us discover the true meaning of freedom: we are no longer trapped in the emotional drama of Life.

„All roads lead to Roma“ (Amor) – yes, but only if you follow your unique path: consciously engaging in a love relationship with YOU: dedicating yourself to Your Self and being truly committed. The New is born from the inside out, from soul to soul. Humans who consciously create a New ART in a natural way of life and invest in their new steps. IT is in you – in us all. It is the willingness of each individual to embody IT: “Heaven on Earth” – to open up to these levels of consciousness, to transform and expand. Now. Here. YouAre the change.

a dance of consciousness and thoughts

Consciousness simply exists. There is a lot of emotion in thinking. In the consciousness there is not emotion but a deep passionate, sensual feeling. Thoughts will die, but I exist: IAm

Valuable tools make it easier for us to become aware of our self-sabotaging behaviors, to expose our shadows. We inspire and remember that unfolding into one’s own sovereignty can be done in compassion and grace.
The inherent gift in each of us is the spontaneous creative Self-BEING rooted in unconditional love.

We come together, we talk, we share, we inspire each other, from Heart to Heart.
Inspiration is by nature a spiritual force.
It loosens the grip of mental convictions and opens into the capacity for Love.
I invite to be spontaneous with one another, to search, to discover and to be curious.
It fulfills me, to inspire and being present with the power of my soul.
KoMbo-Haven: Pfänderweg 2 in Bregenz (entrance Steinbruchgasse) with parking in Belruptstraße

We move together: group of eight people and less
Please register by phone: 0650/6600272
Dates by appointment

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