to be creativeis to give in joy

We pioneers first go the way, giving birth to new realities from within.

By the time I truly found support I felt deeply grateful for my companions and teachers and I honored my soul, which led me to them. I recognized the extent of their dedication and uncompromising willingness and it was natural for me to give my appropriate compensation. I, too, have personally financed my education and embodiment of my intensive years of apprenticeship and daringly set new steps with my family into the unknown to show that survival, fears and limitations are illusions. A conscious investing in a New Human BEing was, and is, necessary. We, forerunners, go the way first by giving birth to new realities from the inside. By overcoming challenges we become compassionate co-captains for one another. The changes in our society invite us to direct our energies and resources consciously so that our gifts are serving US, as humanity, and can flow into a truly connected ART of Life… in working together in integrity and transparency.

Human Life is so precious: keep it simple!

Being compassionate, respectful, grateful, appreciative and in charge in this shift of consciousness. By allowing and feeling the truth about our human existence, we open ourselves to the depth and beauty of our lives. The better we know ourselves and our potential, the less we fear change. I am here to contribute with my potentials for a more comprehensive understanding in this Change – my giving out of my conscious embodyment – my Giving out of my conscious embodyment. It flows in Joy.

In the New Consciousness everyone is in charge for the balance of giving and receiving. I regard money as a means to create. My receiving, my prices are based on appropriate compensation, which also means that I am open to individual situations…. Your Giving, your contribution is welcome. It supports the spreading of this awareness work. At the same time a clarification can take place for you: to invest in the old unconscious or in the New conscious BEING. If the creation of KoMbo inspires, encourages, strengthens and delights you in your awaking and unfolding, honor it with your generosity and contribute with your gift – it is also your investment in your New Life.

Arriving in the "Safe Haven": aligning and expanding into unity consciousness

Our awareness is the union, not the form. The form remains different, unique, versatile, beautiful and is transparent. We experience the effect of this uniting in the increased desire for peace. The „KoMbo-Haven“ in Bregenz at The Lake of Constance, acknowledged with its potentials, continues to expand with people open to participate. We are companions who are ready to unveil their own genius and carry their gifts out into the world….

I thank you from the bottom of my heart – also in the name of KoMbo, which is perceived as an own entity of me. Your giving radiates with soulfilled laughter – grounded in the daily expression of our New coming together – IN YOU.

You are most welcome to contact me.

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„Everything comes to us that belongs to us
if we create the capacity to receive it.“
Rabindranath Tagore

Your giving in appreciation