welcome to my KoMbo-Space
and my ART of Allowing to Be ME

This morning, the message “you have to earn your life” has dissolved into a laughter from the bottom of my heart …. “You have to earn your existence” – here on earth, in this system of linear thinking. An unworthy demand for us humans – at the same time a marker in the consciousness for the new human BEing with the Earth.

I exist. Always. Forever. IAm with Life from the beginning …
I already live – why should I still have to earn my life?

My life? my existing? IAm Creation itself.
My mind says: you know, paying the rent, and what you need to live.

I trust my existence and that she takes care of me.
t r u s t
trust my Self again, within me. fully.
trust again my inner authority, fully:
the IAm, the essence of living, that is in experiences with the earth and all
-that-is through this human form
a l l o w
allow my true self. all.
the existence that IAm creates my human expression

Allow – how? (my mind asks) while this questioning mind allows keeping out of the way and letting pass all the ideas of how this should be or could be – also known as letting go

Let go – how? yes – a real problem for the human mind
* he can not and must not know how to do it
* he can be part of it and observe what happens
* he has to leave the driver’s seat and take the backseat (my mind grins: that took a while)

In the meantime, clear ship is made in KoMbo-Haven:
It has become quiet on board – there is no scramble, no more doubts about the Captain.
IAm is the Captain on my Lifeship. The awareness, the foresight of the Captain allows to enjoy this extraordinary journey – learning. Every part of my crew agrees with the course; contributing equally with a unique gift, experience and wisdom. My potentials are serving me on the journey into my awakening and remembering – into the Love, that IAm.

Inspiring, empowering, compassionately in Self-love and respectfully kind, BEing with one another.

in joy with KoMbo-greetings
Ahoy SYlvia