everything is experience

in the expanded consciousness every being is holistically perfect
neither good or bad, nor right or wrong....
everything is experience!

The more I allow this expanded consciousness, giving space to this consciousness from within,
a force is flowing through me,
which is called God, or the Great Spirit, or the Primordial Source, from which everything comes,
as cosmic creative power, as "One-Life-Consciousness",
as originator, or Galactic Ordering Dynamic (G.O.D.) - among others.

IAm connected into a stillness that is flowing through everything....
and in this stillness all Life is equal-eternal, equal-worthy, equal-valent
IAm - YouAre - WeAre
a n d
in this experience of being Human - and with another....

YouAre unique, perfect, just as I am.
Connected with my true Self, I choose Love - IAm Love.
In my human journey, I experience actions,
that are aligned beyond separation, in agreement of a real with another,
and behaviors that are inconsistent with this kind of Love.

It happens in conscious recognition to "de-segregate" myself from deviant behavior,
and finding the courage not to judge others - without consent.
No blaming the human as a co-experiencer in all that is created, which is - timeless - good and beautiful.
It is not the true human being - it arises from beliefs/behavior patterns, thoughts that create separation:
energies that separate, and these energies need to be recognized and not nourished further.

"I see you as an equally whole perfect being - your behavior, however, I do not agree with!
I don't like the personality put on!"
I act from my wholeness:
No excluding the being, who expresses itself in the human experience - at the moment - in a way of separation.
No attempt to change the world, or even to convert anyone.
Being here in my true compassion, acceptance of "all-that-is":
Allowing each other - as well - to experience what they choose for themselves.

by ending my own suffering
and honoring my unique Life experience
I am here, shining my light out into the world....

Light and darkness unite in your heart and open it wide.
Now that the pressures of the past are gone, you are ready to move on.
Magda Wimmer


we agree - to differ

Free to be ME

as everyone else!

ahoy KoMbo-HuMan!

to be true with others
requires that I be true with myself - first of all
it is necessary to clear one's own ship - first and foremost

being sincere
allowing my inner authority

it is an individual feeling to be true to myself as a human being - to be true to my own self
nobody can define my sense of humanity for me: the dignity as a human being is not replaceable!
every single human being who feels worthy contributes to a collective that feels worthy....
every single human being who is sovereign creates a sovereign with another....

If the sovereign is recognized, individually and collectively, there is no need for a call for solidarity and charity!
I look into your eyes and the sovereign, the IAm, appreciates the sovereign, the YouAre;
a realization of love and joy from the perspective of expanded consciousness,
where there is acceptance of the uniqueness of every being and every experience, where cooperative action is natural

a new coming together, beyond separation, in true heart connection

ahoy Captain! ahoy HuMan!


the essence of the completely sovereign self,
which is complete in itself and needs nothing from outside....

align into the KoMbo-Life

is not a way or a teaching and it is not a set of rules how to live.
It is rather an invitation, a joyful YES! for a conscious new way of being human - and with one another:
to understand Life in a new way....
with the perspective of being in harmony.... to be the whole river....
with the look on what connects.... inside as well as outside....
We carefully distinguish between the separating energies and the energies that unite.
Self-committed to the unifying Truth.

Companions in joy, open to the Beauty....

So we align with the oneness of love, rather than the small drop, the one ego.
We align with the part of us that is the whole river.

with one another we are the play
in the aliveness of the one equal-eternal being....

into the KoMbo-Life

ahoy Human!

ahoy HuMan!

beyond everything that is separating

"Only in love are unity and duality not in conflict."
Rabindranath Tagore

what remains is what has always been there

The longing for home - the memory of home - projected outwards - and we have searched, God, how much we have searched:
in the other, in a new place, in doing, in giving, in sharing, in new stories ... always leading away from ourselves ....it caused separation and even more separation. We have sought salvation outside of ourselves. We thought that the other knew how to get back to where we are fine, where we feel at one again, where this inner misery can find its ending... We were convinced that others know better and can do better, that we need someone to tell us how to do it, what to do.
The desire, a profound plea to finally be able to return home, to arrive ... on this seemingly endless journey into the unknown.

Home is in us and is always there
It is important to stop the boat and no longer keep the waves of the past at a distance, but let them break out.
No "going back home". No return to that state of original oneness that we left at the moment we were sucked into this journey of "knowing myself". This was accompanied by feelings of guilt and shame, fear, and doubts, having done something wrong.

For me, ascension means first and foremost that these fears stored in me - since the separation from oneness - "rise" and are released from my energy field. At the same time, a so-called awakening happens and shifting to the next life without leaving the body occurs. Layer by layer, one overlay at a time. What was separated in me seeks to be recognized and reconnected. Thereby my vibration is rising and this infinite love that I Am is felt in my humanness.
A brief flicker, a moment of "feeling wonderfully loved", and moments of joy in me emerge, without trigger on the outside ... and then, at some point, breath by breath, we breathe together ... the love of mine - IAm - and the human form:
And I begin to remember - my true nature as a human being, my galactic origins, my multidimensional being.
What remains is what has always been there:  IAm with an inherent creative spark - the potential of being a creator myself.

Home, too, has transformed through our journey from oneness to polarity into reintegration.
The Presence of Love and Trust of my reconnected being is strong and I feel safe - in the heart of heaven and earth, unified.




sharing is caring

"sharing is caring"
it seems easy... to say...  "sharing is caring"....  true?
Lysander Anayo translated: "sharing with one another is caring for one another" and he expressed it in his truthfulness, that can be felt, when "with one another" is genuine, and when we are welcome with our so-being.

sharing with one another
being open and transparent - spontaneously exchanging - courageously daring
in these changes - being with one another, in this release of convictions and from "I believe"...
in saying good bye to separations in thinking, feeling, being and physical expression
being true to one's self and with us

caring for one another
to BE with compassion in one's own human experiences
in Self-Love and acceptance respecting our different ways
acknowledging the unique Soul-journey as human -
celebrating being different: unique as you too!
each being with its own contribution playing the symphony of Life in the orchestra of a new Humanity.
KoMbo live !

with one another = for one another in this epochal transition
now and now and now and...


compassionately sharing with one another 
it creates a space, a safe space for each human being
in being with one another and sharing - openly and transparent

caring for one another
with one another in this moment
no worries - being in simplicity with what is - without worries - allowing
and caring for one another is being with one another - worthy equally
in individual condition of each one

being with one another is caring for one another
in the moment of sharing openly with one another we experience a feeling of security
we sense: I am not alone
and something is carrying and we can feel this sense of belonging ....
a genuine sense of "caring for one another"

from the inside to the outside
with another IS for another
to share with one another IS to care for one another

Let the Light of Love raise the sails!
a love that says: everything is possible because I am possible

Human in Dignity

It is said that human is depraved, that means morally corrupt.
Sexuality was punished as a sin by a "moral authority" to which humans had submitted:
out of fear, out of despair, in hope of salvation ... salvation of what, actually?

And the human was condemned and damned ... and it became painful to be human.

There are forces that infiltrate into the human psyche and thinking and these energies act in an
infecting manner, up to total takeover in the human form.
There are powers that want something that is inherent in the human being: the power of imagination, the spark of creation.

Powers that envy us humans of our creative gift.
And because they themselves don't have it and can not get it, they are envious.
Envy destroys.
Envy destroys what it desperately wants and can not have.
And has destroyed, in many ways, so that the origin of this "virus" is no longer perceptible for human beings.

We were promised protection from evil,
by now many people realize that they protect themselves better from those who promise them protection.
We were promised release from suffering,
this, too, is seen by many as a blind belief in an authority outside.

Much has been lost on this long human journey and we long for a natural authentic humanity.
Human was separated - conquered - converted
taken and taken over,
in tragedies of countless wayes of power games human has co-created, played and suffered, as victim and as perpetator.

and now?

I am aware of Self, I am aware of the deep wound as a human, and I remember
accepting this wound within myself
reconciling this wound within me
in Love - in Love for my Self, in detached compassion with my human experiences
Love that IAm: I recognize, I am aware that I was never abandoned, that I was never separated,
that I do not need to be saved and no need to be redeemed
that I can never get lost
and that, above all, as the Human, I must not to be condemned:
IAm fully aware of my dignity in human form and I empower myself  in authenticity, being Human.
IAmWeAre worthy.

Morabeza in Santa Maria

Dear Emma and team of Hotel Morabeza
tudo bem? I imagine that all of you are doing fine…

It’s been three months, that I said goodbye after a special period of my Life in your hotel. Three weeks that was actually more than just three weeks 😊
And in a moment of remembering, I feel to share some impressions still alive here with me.

My connection with Cape Verde is from my soul and I still remember my last day in Cape Town in 1993, when, looking at a photo of a capverdian woman, washing clothes,
an immediate rememberance touched me…. this moment my inherited resonance with the islands began to rise, though unconscious yet.
Five years later, in 1998, already thinking about going back to Africa, still searching about my destination, I received a birthday present:
A CD from Cesária Evora. I didn’t know capverdian music and my resonance with Cesaria‘s voice touched me by surprise. This experience „made“ me to jump to Mindelo.
I didn’t know anybody, never met anyone from Cape Verde, couldn’t speak portugese and was alone with my 2 year old son. It took courage - of course.
We lived there for three years… my son had breakfast in two, three neighbour-houses, naturally welcome and likewise was our home open to the children around…
A period of strong experiences for my growing and understanding more about human condition in this world…
in 2001 -  I had to go back to Austria and the door to Cape Verde closed for me and opened again only 12 years later.
After one year of inner preparation, in July 2014, it was the first time I stayed with my sons in your Hotel. We were waiting for our flight to Mindelo.

During these years of distance, I learned to understand my soul-connection with Cape Verde as a "very old" one.
Last year in September, I literally received a „call“ from Cape Verde - what a surprise for me, because I thought (!), that I had no plans for a visit.
First appeared a turtle … in the inner eye of a friend, swimming beside us in the Lake joyfully.
Two days later my inner guidance made me to realize, that the turtle matches the turtle in the Logo of Hotel Morabeza. (I still had a brochure from the Hotel).
Regardless these happenings, my human-mind was not convinced yet!  -  and I wondered and cared about our financial budget….
Few days later in the travel agency I was told that from Stuttgart is only one flight available for a longer period - and only one seat left to book through this agency!
I felt not prepared yet to make a decision, felt that I need few days to reflect… the agent said compassionately:
„I can see that you are nervous, but this flight is soon, in about 10 days!“
in this break we looked at each other quietly…. and within these seconds of stillness a call came on my phone: the ringtone on my handy is a song from Cesária („Verde Cabo di Nhas Odjos“)
again - a gift from Cesária 😊
Yes - that was a very clear call for me:  „book now!“ and so I did - no doubts any longer :))
AND what a beautiful creation it was, to BE in Santa Maria in this period of my Life!
and no doubts: this place indeed holds a vibration that I am familiar with from the Beginning of my Human journey, together with Earth… „M ta voltá pa bô terra verde. E verde ta ser nha alma“.

this sense of belonging *human heart with human heart *

Vibrating in this sense of belonging, in this very moment, wandering through the streets - just to BE: "How are you" - "alright?"
I felt it again, the very first morning at your breakfast-buffet on the terrace: this warm heart-open "morabeza ": you are welcome - how are you?
Every morning I felt loved - so beautifully - and I was happy to be here… with you + you + you + you….  and with the birds :)))

Open to receive this kind of magic: of the sea, of the island, of the hearts of the people living in Santa Maria….
I experienced myself in a field of radiating joy: the entire crew on my „Lifeship“ was alive and happy - "celebrating Life" -
with everything that came up, within and without, from moment to moment.
I have left it entirely to my spontaneity, what I intuitively felt to be and to do - and so I even spent days in the room, asleep, surrendering to the wisdom of my body.
I allowed - my human-mind allowed :)) - and I experienced a deep regeneration. You told me when I arrived: „this is a nice room, you’ll see“ - so true:  I felt being in my own space.

After 10 days, when my return-flight approached, my heart cramped and to my own suprise, the thought of leaving made me cry. Filip, cooking at the grill at the beach,
asked me what was going on and I tried to explain it, even myself not understanding it, and the tears came up so quick. He then asked me, "Have you eaten anything?"
No, and I honestly would not have thought of it either. He told me to just sit down and he would bring something for me to eat. This heartfelt care touches me again.
And…. in the plane one week later, one seat was available, and I „allowed“ to stay another week and I could keep my room - thanks to the team at the reception.

When the final day of departure was here, I could say goodbye lightly and felt grateful for all the Love I received in these days.
And I arrived at home with a feeling of being fulfilled and alive with *Santa Maria* in my heart.
Thanks to all of you, again, for your morabeza  -  may the Cape Verdean „maneira de coração“ touch all people.

Blessings for a good, good year for all of us

sharing in Joy

from the KoMbo-Haven in Bregenz at the Lake of Constance in Austria