sharing is caring

"sharing is caring"
it seems easy... to say...  "sharing is caring"....  true?
Lysander Anayo translated: "sharing with one another is caring for one another" and he expressed it in his truthfulness, that can be felt, when "with one another" is genuine, and when we are welcome with our so-being.

sharing with one another
being open and transparent - spontaneously exchanging - courageously daring
in these changes - being with one another, in this release of convictions and from "I believe"...
in saying good bye to separations in thinking, feeling, being and physical expression
being true to one's self and with us

caring for one another
to BE with compassion in one's own human experiences
in Self-Love and acceptance respecting our different ways
acknowledging the unique Soul-journey as human -
celebrating being different: unique as you too!
each being with its own contribution playing the symphony of Life in the orchestra of a new Humanity.
KoMbo live !

with one another = for one another in this epochal transition
now and now and now and...


compassionately sharing with one another 
it creates a space, a safe space for each human being
in being with one another and sharing - openly and transparent

caring for one another
with one another in this moment
no worries - being in simplicity with what is - without worries - allowing
and caring for one another is being with one another - worthy equally
in individual condition of each one

being with one another is caring for one another
in the moment of sharing openly with one another we experience a feeling of security
we sense: I am not alone
and something is carrying and we can feel this sense of belonging ....
a genuine sense of "caring for one another"

from the inside to the outside
with another IS for another
to share with one another IS to care for one another

Let the Light of Love raise the sails!
a love that says: everything is possible because I am possible

Human in Dignity

It is said that human is depraved, that means morally corrupt.
Sexuality was punished as a sin by a "moral authority" to which humans had submitted:
out of fear, out of despair, in hope of salvation ... salvation of what, actually?

And the human was condemned and damned ... and it became painful to be human.

There are forces that infiltrate into the human psyche and thinking and these energies act in an
infecting manner, up to total takeover in the human form.
There are powers that want something that is inherent in the human being: the power of imagination, the spark of creation.

Powers that envy us humans of our creative gift.
And because they themselves don't have it and can not get it, they are envious.
Envy destroys.
Envy destroys what it desperately wants and can not have.
And has destroyed, in many ways, so that the origin of this "virus" is no longer perceptible for human beings.

We were promised protection from evil,
by now many people realize that they protect themselves better from those who promise them protection.
We were promised release from suffering,
this, too, is seen by many as a blind belief in an authority outside.

Much has been lost on this long human journey and we long for a natural authentic humanity.
Human was separated - conquered - converted
taken and taken over,
in tragedies of countless wayes of power games human has co-created, played and suffered, as victim and as perpetator.

and now?

I am aware of Self, I am aware of the deep wound as a human, and I remember
accepting this wound within myself
reconciling this wound within me
in Love - in Love for my Self, in detached compassion with my human experiences
Love that IAm: I recognize, I am aware that I was never abandoned, that I was never separated,
that I do not need to be saved and no need to be redeemed
that I can never get lost
and that, above all, as the Human, I must not to be condemned:
IAm fully aware of my dignity in human form and I empower myself  in authenticity, being Human.
IAmWeAre worthy.

Morabeza in Santa Maria

Dear Emma and team of Hotel Morabeza
tudo bem? I imagine that all of you are doing fine…

It’s been three months, that I said goodbye after a special period of my Life in your hotel. Three weeks that was actually more than just three weeks 😊
And in a moment of remembering, I feel to share some impressions still alive here with me.

My connection with Cape Verde is from my soul and I still remember my last day in Cape Town in 1993, when, looking at a photo of a capverdian woman, washing clothes,
an immediate rememberance touched me…. this moment my inherited resonance with the islands began to rise, though unconscious yet.
Five years later, in 1998, already thinking about going back to Africa, still searching about my destination, I received a birthday present:
A CD from Cesária Evora. I didn’t know capverdian music and my resonance with Cesaria‘s voice touched me by surprise. This experience „made“ me to jump to Mindelo.
I didn’t know anybody, never met anyone from Cape Verde, couldn’t speak portugese and was alone with my 2 year old son. It took courage - of course.
We lived there for three years… my son had breakfast in two, three neighbour-houses, naturally welcome and likewise was our home open to the children around…
A period of strong experiences for my growing and understanding more about human condition in this world…
in 2001 -  I had to go back to Austria and the door to Cape Verde closed for me and opened again only 12 years later.
After one year of inner preparation, in July 2014, it was the first time I stayed with my sons in your Hotel. We were waiting for our flight to Mindelo.

During these years of distance, I learned to understand my soul-connection with Cape Verde as a "very old" one.
Last year in September, I literally received a „call“ from Cape Verde - what a surprise for me, because I thought (!), that I had no plans for a visit.
First appeared a turtle … in the inner eye of a friend, swimming beside us in the Lake joyfully.
Two days later my inner guidance made me to realize, that the turtle matches the turtle in the Logo of Hotel Morabeza. (I still had a brochure from the Hotel).
Regardless these happenings, my human-mind was not convinced yet!  -  and I wondered and cared about our financial budget….
Few days later in the travel agency I was told that from Stuttgart is only one flight available for a longer period - and only one seat left to book through this agency!
I felt not prepared yet to make a decision, felt that I need few days to reflect… the agent said compassionately:
„I can see that you are nervous, but this flight is soon, in about 10 days!“
in this break we looked at each other quietly…. and within these seconds of stillness a call came on my phone: the ringtone on my handy is a song from Cesária („Verde Cabo di Nhas Odjos“)
again - a gift from Cesária 😊
Yes - that was a very clear call for me:  „book now!“ and so I did - no doubts any longer :))
AND what a beautiful creation it was, to BE in Santa Maria in this period of my Life!
and no doubts: this place indeed holds a vibration that I am familiar with from the Beginning of my Human journey, together with Earth… „M ta voltá pa bô terra verde. E verde ta ser nha alma“.

this sense of belonging *human heart with human heart *

Vibrating in this sense of belonging, in this very moment, wandering through the streets - just to BE: "How are you" - "alright?"
I felt it again, the very first morning at your breakfast-buffet on the terrace: this warm heart-open "morabeza ": you are welcome - how are you?
Every morning I felt loved - so beautifully - and I was happy to be here… with you + you + you + you….  and with the birds :)))

Open to receive this kind of magic: of the sea, of the island, of the hearts of the people living in Santa Maria….
I experienced myself in a field of radiating joy: the entire crew on my „Lifeship“ was alive and happy - "celebrating Life" -
with everything that came up, within and without, from moment to moment.
I have left it entirely to my spontaneity, what I intuitively felt to be and to do - and so I even spent days in the room, asleep, surrendering to the wisdom of my body.
I allowed - my human-mind allowed :)) - and I experienced a deep regeneration. You told me when I arrived: „this is a nice room, you’ll see“ - so true:  I felt being in my own space.

After 10 days, when my return-flight approached, my heart cramped and to my own suprise, the thought of leaving made me cry. Filip, cooking at the grill at the beach,
asked me what was going on and I tried to explain it, even myself not understanding it, and the tears came up so quick. He then asked me, "Have you eaten anything?"
No, and I honestly would not have thought of it either. He told me to just sit down and he would bring something for me to eat. This heartfelt care touches me again.
And…. in the plane one week later, one seat was available, and I „allowed“ to stay another week and I could keep my room - thanks to the team at the reception.

When the final day of departure was here, I could say goodbye lightly and felt grateful for all the Love I received in these days.
And I arrived at home with a feeling of being fulfilled and alive with *Santa Maria* in my heart.
Thanks to all of you, again, for your morabeza  -  may the Cape Verdean „maneira de coração“ touch all people.

Blessings for a good, good year for all of us

sharing in Joy

from the KoMbo-Haven in Bregenz at the Lake of Constance in Austria

we agree to differ

I have been, still, with stories from my human journey… with giving my farewell to all, indeed, - all the emotional attachments and the story itself transforms into pure Love.
Am I done now?  ….  may be  😊   I'm getting ready for landing anyway….  with Body - I am observing compassionately…

Nothing to achieve, no hurries, no worries… in telepathic union….in connection from new timeline, without effort.
How to continue?  no - is not „to continue“.
How to begin anew….  to express my BEing ?

„For it is in this Now - you plot the course - and choose the trajectory - for countless generations to come.“  - Bente Amundsen
Allowing inner guidance, the Captain at the steer, fully to sail this Lifeship - into fully being alive… multi-dimensionally, as conscious creator.
I remembered a story I read 20 years ago by Sten Nadolny:
„The Discovery of Slowness“
The Captain on the Ship was the slowest and he told his crew that a fast one can slow down, but a slow one can not get faster: "because of this, all of you have to align to my tempo  - I am the Captain“.

And it is the Captain, who is the one, who remains in constant empathy with all-that-is.
The Captain, IAm, is the one who is in charge of our course, aligned with all-that-is.
The Captain is Sovereign Consciousness.

The Crew is d’accord. no doubts: we agree….  we surrender in wise Love completely.
we agree to differ…  and we allow to find into natural alignment with all-that-is  -  anew.

„Be prepared for not being prepared“ - that’s what our Captain tells us repeatedly.
And we feel courage to sail with our Captain, we feel courage to sail into the Unknown - anew.

Being the Beginning
it is upon US - as United Sovereigns - with one another
what connects us to each other is Love - eternal and infinite - just like You and You and You and...



In the morning I had a phone call with a friend and we shared our feelings:  the different energetical work – each one in it‘s own ART – and with questions put into the common field, they might find expression – spontaneously or at some time…

Concerning my physical, emotional, mental exhaustion, I just asked: „…. and serving whom? – in which service?“ And the friend confirmed my reflection:: „Yes – what kind of service am I for?“.

Half a day later, on my bike ride along the lake to the Brockenhaus in Lochau at the second crossing
I felt confused about the direction,..
A man sat on the sidewalk, the guitar beside him. I asked him and then he wanted to know about the time. I told him that it was 2.07 p.m.
„Good, so it’s open, because they open at 2 p.m.“ and he showed me that I can continue on this way. Immediately he asked me if I can see the Cross on the other side of the road. I looked and couldn’t see the Cross. He pointed towards the house across and said: „Mr. K. died. He served the country. Soldiers or their wives are living in this house. Mr. K. died for a good cause, he served his country.“

I serve Freedom


a liberated sovereign BEing

Feeling free arises when the unique expression is allowed and recognized in a society,
and in that sense of freedom, we begin to feel the energy that unites us – in the unity-consciousness, each one is a part of it.
We open ourselves to a clear understanding of the nature of human existence.
The way humanity deals with itself directs both: the letting go and the transformation. The new beginning as well as the unavoidable changes of the earth. How this shift of consciousness is carried on into a completely new energy system depends on each individual. In fact, we are the conductors and the orchestra.


Love is, Peace is already – allowing myself to expand into these vibrations and to match with these frequencies. Physical realities are vibrations that we hold onto and thus we consciously or unconsciously radiate our energy into the “world”. Swinging with the field of love, I feel like I am a “newborn”;, then I experience my enjoyment of partaking in the grandiose experience in this epochal turning point on earth as a human being, consciously becoming multidimensional. IAm here with all my stored experiences. I understand and compare these memories with the crew on my ship. Meanwhile, each one accepts the captain at the steer, no more mutters. It has grown into a wonderful and compassionate harmony within me, each with its unique gift present in the crew, present and co-shaping, on course to our New Human BEing …. and New Land is here – Hurray :)))

As a human being living in a new way of openness and consciousness, recognizing, perceiving, allowing and totally respecting the space of my unique being. The love that I am becomes my reality.

Now that I feel safe on earth and in the universe, I can fully take my place created from within and live my unique expression of love. It feels like a new beginning with one another – inside and out. A joy from simply being, noticeable like singing that vibrates in the air.
It is (my) a way to understand life, to feel in the depths of BEing, and to recognize the nature and beauty of the human experience. The old human aspect is integrated and the harvested pearls shimmer and shine. Now it‘s easy: I can decide for myself without judging the other, I can choose my own joy and totally respect the choices and decisions of others.
A long-dreamed wish: to love without tying, to liberate love, to liberate myself …. now I feel in my liberated BEing without yearning; without missing and remember, feeling grateful – without expectations, wishes, without linking the past with something in future; no waiting, no hoping, no illusions, no stories, living beyond the linear ….
and with my heart that is now open, I love – nevertheless
I observe my becoming, my unfolding, inhabiting my New World and creating with others: to be a conscious human being and creator – deeply compassionate.

The more I recognize and acknowledge this „evolution-involution“, the sooner it changes my thoughts, words, and actions. From the inside out: Aligning and expanding. It turns out that it is my Creation, that I am the co-creator to myself. The big opportunity for humanity is visible and I understand that everyone is responsible of themselves in their own way: each one is the Change and co-creates the human space.

KoMbo ART consciously participates in shaping the New World: to encourage and inspire people to feel free, to allow their own unique expression is my way of assisting to shape the New World. We come together and we break down barriers, recognize and move stuck energies, to find a new balance – again and again. I have learned to gift each other with responsibility and to pass on tools, embodied knowledge, especially that which is being carried through storms. It is the joy that blossoms in the conscious creator. We call the version with the highest potentials into being. It is my loving intention that imagines each one growing into his sovereign captain-BEING and furthermore shares it with others.

Orientation and a true navigational alignment is important to feel the power in this change.

An affirmative field of love and beauty shows up more and more. It awaits us and with it
the fulfillment of one's own love, which masters the entire physical reality.

Morabeza - Ahoi Mensch

Ahoy Human

welcome to my KoMbo-Space
and my ART of Allowing to Be ME

This morning, the message “you have to earn your life” has dissolved into a laughter from the bottom of my heart …. “You have to earn your existence” – here on earth, in this system of linear thinking. An unworthy demand for us humans – at the same time a marker in the consciousness for the new human BEing with the Earth.

I exist. Always. Forever. IAm with Life from the beginning …
I already live – why should I still have to earn my life?

My life? my existing? IAm Creation itself.
My mind says: you know, paying the rent, and what you need to live.

I trust my existence and that she takes care of me.
t r u s t
trust my Self again, within me. fully.
trust again my inner authority, fully:
the IAm, the essence of living, that is in experiences with the earth and all
-that-is through this human form
a l l o w
allow my true self. all.
the existence that IAm creates my human expression

Allow – how? (my mind asks) while this questioning mind allows keeping out of the way and letting pass all the ideas of how this should be or could be – also known as letting go

Let go – how? yes – a real problem for the human mind
* he can not and must not know how to do it
* he can be part of it and observe what happens
* he has to leave the driver’s seat and take the backseat (my mind grins: that took a while)

In the meantime, clear ship is made in KoMbo-Haven:
It has become quiet on board – there is no scramble, no more doubts about the Captain.
IAm is the Captain on my Lifeship. The awareness, the foresight of the Captain allows to enjoy this extraordinary journey – learning. Every part of my crew agrees with the course; contributing equally with a unique gift, experience and wisdom. My potentials are serving me on the journey into my awakening and remembering – into the Love, that IAm.

Inspiring, empowering, compassionately in Self-love and respectfully kind, BEing with one another.

in joy with KoMbo-greetings
Ahoy SYlvia


M o r a b e z a…  Amor + Beleza…  Love and Beauty

An expression for the open hearted way of living and receiving people on Capverdian Islands –
a hospitable allowing to BE:
You are welcome

The Earth welcomes us too – unconditionally. She has space for all – all are welcome.

mora mora mora beza

Yes, it is beautiful to feel welcome and loved – just the way I am – just where I am.
feeling free to be Me

Freedom as a gift of water:
when I am in water I feel deeply welcome… water in water…

The Human body is consciousness in form;
the wisdom, the mystery of the universe, and the journey from beginning are woven into it.
Morabeza of the Water the Earth the Heaven the Trees the Plants the Animals the Humans…
Morabeza to my aspects, separated: they are invited home into my loving Heart…

I do not need to be repaired.
My spirit doesn’t fit in limiting boxes.
My abundance, the nature of my multidimensional BEING, is welcome.
And with one another, I create a new world from within … a new way of life:
I allow my true natural BEing;

IAm the source of my Creative Being, the creation and essence of life itself.

In my heart’s space I feel safe and loved;
vibrating in my unique Being – walking, balancing, radiant and transparent – communicative.

it is a conscious choice
for myself and with one another

M o r a b e z a….
Changes are welcome….  New life is welcome….  New HumanBEing is welcome…

Earth is increasing her vibration and is taking a new position,
Humanity is in the process of awakening and remembering, life is profoundly changing – allow it and appreciate it;
consciously shaping this change: preparing oneself and participating and being with one another

mora mora mora beza