It is said that human is depraved, that means morally corrupt.
Sexuality was punished as a sin by a “moral authority” to which humans had submitted:
out of fear, out of despair, in hope of salvation … salvation of what, actually?

And the human was condemned and damned … and it became painful to be human.

There are forces that infiltrate into the human psyche and thinking and these energies act in an
infecting manner, up to total takeover in the human form.
There are powers that want something that is inherent in the human being: the power of imagination, the spark of creation.

Powers that envy us humans of our creative gift.
And because they themselves don’t have it and can not get it, they are envious.
Envy destroys.
Envy destroys what it desperately wants and can not have.
And has destroyed, in many ways, so that the origin of this “virus” is no longer perceptible for human beings.

We were promised protection from evil,
by now many people realize that they protect themselves better from those who promise them protection.
We were promised release from suffering,
this, too, is seen by many as a blind belief in an authority outside.

Much has been lost on this long human journey and we long for a natural authentic humanity.
Human was separated – conquered – converted
taken and taken over,
in tragedies of countless wayes of power games human has co-created, played and suffered, as victim and as perpetator.

and now?

I am aware of Self, I am aware of the deep wound as a human, and I remember
accepting this wound within myself
reconciling this wound within me
in Love – in Love for my Self, in detached compassion with my human experiences
Love that IAm: I recognize, I am aware that I was never abandoned, that I was never separated,
that I do not need to be saved and no need to be redeemed
that I can never get lost
and that, above all, as the Human, I must not to be condemned:
IAm fully aware of my dignity in human form and I empower myself  in authenticity, being Human.
IAmWeAre worthy.