in the expanded consciousness every being is holistically perfect
neither good or bad, nor right or wrong….
everything is experience!

The more I allow this expanded consciousness, giving space to this consciousness from within,
a force is flowing through me,
which is called God, or the Great Spirit, or the Primordial Source, from which everything comes,
as cosmic creative power, as “One-Life-Consciousness”,
as originator, or Galactic Ordering Dynamic (G.O.D.) – among others.

IAm connected into a stillness that is flowing through everything….
and in this stillness all Life is equal-eternal, equal-worthy, equal-valent
IAm – YouAre – WeAre
a n d
in this experience of being Human – and with another….

YouAre unique, perfect, just as I am.
Connected with my true Self, I choose Love – IAm Love.
In my human journey, I experience actions,
that are aligned beyond separation, in agreement of a real with another,
and behaviors that are inconsistent with this kind of Love.

It happens in conscious recognition to “de-segregate” myself from deviant behavior,
and finding the courage not to judge others – without consent.
No blaming the human as a co-experiencer in all that is created, which is – timeless – good and beautiful.
It is not the true human being – it arises from beliefs/behavior patterns, thoughts that create separation:
energies that separate, and these energies need to be recognized and not nourished further.

“I see you as an equally whole perfect being – your behavior, however, I do not agree with!
I don’t like the personality put on!”
I act from my wholeness:
No excluding the being, who expresses itself in the human experience – at the moment – in a way of separation.
No attempt to change the world, or even to convert anyone.
Being here in my true compassion, acceptance of “all-that-is”:
Allowing each other – as well – to experience what they choose for themselves.

by ending my own suffering
and honoring my unique Life experience
I am here, shining my light out into the world….

Light and darkness unite in your heart and open it wide.
Now that the pressures of the past are gone, you are ready to move on.
Magda Wimmer