The longing for home – the memory of home – projected outwards – and we have searched, God, how much we have searched:
in the other, in a new place, in doing, in giving, in sharing, in new stories … always leading away from ourselves ….it caused separation and even more separation. We have sought salvation outside of ourselves. We thought that the other knew how to get back to where we are fine, where we feel at one again, where this inner misery can find its ending… We were convinced that others know better and can do better, that we need someone to tell us how to do it, what to do.
The desire, a profound plea to finally be able to return home, to arrive … on this seemingly endless journey into the unknown.

Home is in us and is always there
It is important to stop the boat and no longer keep the waves of the past at a distance, but let them break out.
No “going back home”. No return to that state of original oneness that we left at the moment we were sucked into this journey of “knowing myself”. This was accompanied by feelings of guilt and shame, fear, and doubts, having done something wrong.

For me, ascension means first and foremost that these fears stored in me – since the separation from oneness – “rise” and are released from my energy field. At the same time, a so-called awakening happens and shifting to the next life without leaving the body occurs. Layer by layer, one overlay at a time. What was separated in me seeks to be recognized and reconnected. Thereby my vibration is rising and this infinite love that I Am is felt in my humanness.
A brief flicker, a moment of “feeling wonderfully loved”, and moments of joy in me emerge, without trigger on the outside … and then, at some point, breath by breath, we breathe together … the love of mine – IAm – and the human form:
And I begin to remember – my true nature as a human being, my galactic origins, my multidimensional being.
What remains is what has always been there:  IAm with an inherent creative spark – the potential of being a creator myself.

Home, too, has transformed through our journey from oneness to polarity into reintegration.
The Presence of Love and Trust of my reconnected being is strong and I feel safe – in the heart of heaven and earth, unified.