I have been, still, with stories from my human journey… with giving my farewell to all, indeed, – all the emotional attachments and the story itself transforms into pure Love.
Am I done now?  ….  may be  😊   I’m getting ready for landing anyway….  with Body – I am observing compassionately…

Nothing to achieve, no hurries, no worries… in telepathic union….in connection from new timeline, without effort.
How to continue?  no – is not „to continue“.
How to begin anew….  to express my BEing ?

„For it is in this Now – you plot the course – and choose the trajectory – for countless generations to come.“  – Bente Amundsen
Allowing inner guidance, the Captain at the steer, fully to sail this Lifeship – into fully being alive… multi-dimensionally, as conscious creator.
I remembered a story I read 20 years ago by Sten Nadolny:
„The Discovery of Slowness“
The Captain on the Ship was the slowest and he told his crew that a fast one can slow down, but a slow one can not get faster: “because of this, all of you have to align to my tempo  – I am the Captain“.

And it is the Captain, who is the one, who remains in constant empathy with all-that-is.
The Captain, IAm, is the one who is in charge of our course, aligned with all-that-is.
The Captain is Sovereign Consciousness.

The Crew is d’accord. no doubts: we agree….  we surrender in wise Love completely.
we agree to differ…  and we allow to find into natural alignment with all-that-is  –  anew.

„Be prepared for not being prepared“ – that’s what our Captain tells us repeatedly.
And we feel courage to sail with our Captain, we feel courage to sail into the Unknown – anew.

Being the Beginning
it is upon us – as unifying Sovereigns – with one another
what connects us to each other is Love – eternal and infinite – just like You and You and You and…