In the morning I had a phone call with a friend and we shared our feelings:  the different energetical work – each one in it‘s own ART – and with questions put into the common field, they might find expression – spontaneously or at some time…

Concerning my physical, emotional, mental exhaustion, I just asked: „…. and serving whom? – in which service?“ And the friend confirmed my reflection:: „Yes – what kind of service am I for?“.

Half a day later, on my bike ride along the lake to the Brockenhaus in Lochau at the second crossing
I felt confused about the direction,..
A man sat on the sidewalk, the guitar beside him. I asked him and then he wanted to know about the time. I told him that it was 2.07 p.m.
„Good, so it’s open, because they open at 2 p.m.“ and he showed me that I can continue on this way. Immediately he asked me if I can see the Cross on the other side of the road. I looked and couldn’t see the Cross. He pointed towards the house across and said: „Mr. K. died. He served the country. Soldiers or their wives are living in this house. Mr. K. died for a good cause, he served his country.“

I serve Freedom


a liberated sovereign BEing

Feeling free arises when the unique expression is allowed and recognized in a society,
and in that sense of freedom, we begin to feel the energy that unites us – in the unity-consciousness, each one is a part of it.
We open ourselves to a clear understanding of the nature of human existence.
The way humanity deals with itself directs both: the letting go and the transformation. The new beginning as well as the unavoidable changes of the earth. How this shift of consciousness is carried on into a completely new energy system depends on each individual. In fact, we are the conductors and the orchestra.